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14.24 EDT

39 min: Hasegawa makes a good run to find Hemp who crosses in with a one touch pass. It finds Shaw but she is crowded out in the box. Hemp does well again, this time finding Coombs. It is patient play from City, can they find an equaliser here?

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14.22 EDT

37 min: Hemp loses out to Batlle, the United star one of the brightest on the pitch right now. City do win it back but the United press means they are with Roebuck. Houghton’s pass is given away with United and Parris is through! But her shot is straight at Roebuck. City need to be smarter, sloppy passes are letting them down.

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14.20 EDT

35 min: Shaw gets a foul this time and City can form an attack. It falters all the way back to Roebuck, the pass to her almost intercepted by Russo! That was almost a second for United there, my heart jumped into my mouth!

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14.18 EDT

34 min: Blundell finds Russo on the edge of the box but City crowd her out. The sky blues win it back but United are so clinical in their press they quickly have it back. Possession keeps exchanging hands, the game getting slightly scrappy here – Batlle takes a long range shot but Roebuck easily collects.

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14.15 EDT

30 min: Shaw wanted a foul in the midfield but it isn’t given. A long range pass comes in for Batlle but it has too much on it. Both sides have settled in this now, the earlier franticly positive United start has died down.

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14.13 EDT

28 min: Galton works it into the box and Roebuck should have caught that but Batlle instead wins a corner. Zelem takes the set piece but Greenwood heads away, it comes to Le Tissier who heads it but Roebuck collects.

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14.12 EDT

27 min: City come again looking for that equaliser, United’s early dominance has really worn off. Hemp is brought down by Parris and they have a free kick in a good position. Greenwood takes it short and they run it back to Roebuck. They eventually work it upfield but United do well to win it back.

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14.06 EDT

21 min: That is a poor pass from Greenwood, she is being pressed but her clearance kick is straight out of play. City have worked the ball up the well into the box, Shaw’s shot is blocked and then Kelly has a punt that rattles the wood work. Wow! City win a corner.

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14.02 EDT

18 min: Parris does really well in a midfield battle to win a free kick, Zelem takes it but Coombs heads away. It comes back to Russo who crosses it back in, Parris keeps it alive but Greenwood does well to quell the threat.

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13.59 EDT

14 min: Greenwood, the former United player, is being booed every time she is on the ball. Shaw makes a good run and wins a corner. Greenwood takes but Earps confidently comes out and catches.

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13.54 EDT

10 min: Parris doing well to close down Hasegawa, she is everywhere for United right now! A great stat provided by Sky, when United score first this season they have only not won once – the reverse fixture of this derby which was a draw. Hemp draws a foul and City have a free kick miles away from goal. Greenwood takes it but it can’t find Shaw and Earps collects.

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13.51 EDT

6 min: What a performance Parris is having in front of Wiegman, backing up her great effort in the FA Cup final last weekend. Batlle finds Parris on the edge of the box, she fires the ball in and it goes just ahead of Galton.

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13.49 EDT

4 min: I am honestly stunned, that is one of the best goals I’ve seen in a long time. The build-up, the great Parris play, the fast passes to Ladd who whips it. And here they come again.

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13.48 EDT

GOAL! Manchester United 1-0 Manchester City (Ladd, 2′)

I’m stunner, a screamer!! Parris has done expertly well to steal the ball there, wow! She makes a storming run to the edge of the box. It eventually comes to Ladd who slams it home. WOW!

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13.45 EDT

Kick-off! Manchester United 0-0 Manchester City

Here we go! The derby is underway, a potential decider of this WSL season. Can United beat City for the first time ever to make sure they keep themselves in the title race? Or will City boost their Champions League hopes?

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13.39 EDT

Manchester City manager Gareth Taylor is also fully focused on getting the most out of the derby: “We want to be in the Champions League. I am here to deliver the best,” the boss said. “We know we need the three points and that’s what we’ll do. It’s about using what the game brings. There’s no need to instigate fire in their bellies in this one. That comes naturally.”

Photograph: REX/Shutterstock

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13.33 EDT

Manchester United boss Marc Skinner is backing his side to get the full three points: “I feel that Manchester City, look, they’re tough. Anyone in that bracket can hurt any team within that top part of the table. So I feel that we’ve got to be at our very best. But we believe in ourselves. We believe that we can beat Manchester City. But I’ll be very clear, we have no right to do that.”

Photograph: Action Foto Sport/NurPhoto/Shutterstock

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13.29 EDT

A fun fact for you before we dive into what the managers have said ahead of the Manchester derby. Chelsea set a new record for the most consecutive home wins in WSL history today with the victory over Arsenal being their 15th. They are also the only team to ever win all their home matches in a season and have done so for a second time, also achieving the feat last campaign.

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13.25 EDT

Chelsea manager Emma Hayes believes the WSL race will come down to the wire. She said after the Arsenal match: “What you start thinking about is ‘it’s not far until the end’. There was no thought in my mind other than ‘another one to go’. Things might change depending on what happens later [if United fail to beat City] but I expect it to go to the last day.”

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13.18 EDT

Will Unwin is at the stadium for us this evening and has sent over a taster of what it is like to be at Leigh Sports Village: “It is a beautiful day in Leigh for a sold-out Manchester derby. The pub on the corner of the ground is packed with drinkers in red or blue. There is the faintest of hope that United can still win the derby, something City will be desperate to end and bolster their own Champions League ambitions the process.” He has also raised a good point, City have only named five substitutes on their matchday line-up but I cannot see an explanation as to why anywhere. If anyone has the answer email me or tweet!

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13.05 EDT

I went for a walk on my break just now on this sunny Sunday and thought I’d pop in a shop for some ice cream for this match. I went to get some Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough but it was £6.70! I put it firmly back in the freezer and continued my walk. Crazy price! Let me know what you are up to or your score prediction for this one via Twitter or email.

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12.49 EDT

The team news is here! Manchester United have named an unchanged starting line-up from their Women’s FA Cup loss to Chelsea last weekend.

United: Earps, Batlle, Blundell, Toone, Zelem, Galton, Ladd, Le Tissier, Turner, Parris, Russo

Manchester City, meanwhile, have made one change from their starting line-up who lost to Liverpool last time out. Ouahabi comes in for Casparji.

City: Roebuck, Morgan, Houghton (C), Greenwood, Ouahabi, Hasegawa, Angeldahl, Coombs, Kelly, Hemp, Shaw


XI | Roebuck, Morgan, Houghton (C), Greenwood, Ouahabi, Hasegawa, Angeldahl, Coombs, Kelly, Hemp, Shaw

SUBS | Keating, Casparij, Castellanos, Raso, Dahou#ManCity | @HaysWorldwide

— Man City Women (@ManCityWomen) May 21, 2023

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12.45 EDT


Hello and welcome to one of the biggest Women’s Super League matches this season. Manchester United host Manchester City in the must-win game for Marc Skinner’s side if they want to remain in the title race. Anything but a win would hand the trophy to Chelsea after Emma Hayes’ side beat Arsenal 2-0 earlier today.

The match will be tense with United looking for their first major trophy and City trying to boost their efforts for a top three finish. It will be tricky for both teams with United having the home advantage but City having history on their side. United have never beaten City since they re-formed in 2018.

If United do get the win they will push the title race to the final day where they would need relegation-worry Reading to topple Chelsea. If Chelsea drew and United won, the title would come down to goal difference which Chelsea currently lead by six.

The team news will be announced shortly so stay tuned ahead of kick-off at 6.45pmBST. What a match we are about to be treated to!

Updated at 11.35 EDT

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