Emma Raducanu’s huge earnings since US Open win as she plots strong return from injury

Emma Raducanu's huge earnings since US Open win as she plots strong return from injury

Emma Raducanu’s net worth has understandably skyrocketed since her remarkable US Open win in 2021.

The Brit has become one of the most marketable young athletes across all sports by winning a Grand Slam title as an 18-year-old.


Raducanu made history by winning the 2021 US Open in only her second Grand Slam tournament


Raducanu has signed multiple endorsement deals after winning the US Open

Raducanu came through qualifying to win the title in New York, without even dropping a set.

It led to a clamour from some of the biggest brands around to sign up the first female British Grand Slam winner since 1977.

It has been reported that her net worth is now around £10million with her endorsements dwarfing her on court earnings.

Shortly after that Grand Slam win in 2021, she was signed as an ambassador for Dior and that was said to be worth £2m.


Raducanu now has her own Porsche as reward for her tennis prowess

Not long after, she reached an agreement with Tiffany & Co and that again was said to be worth £2m.

Raducanu became a brand ambassador for Porsche, which saw her get a 911 as part of the sponsorship deal.

There were also further agreements with Vodafone, HSBC, British Airways, Evian and Sports Direct.

Her endorsement deals with Nike and Wilson also are said to net her £100,000-per-year.

This equates to more than her on court earnings of just over £3m during her career, most of which came from winning the US Open.

Criticism has been made of the number of endorsement deals Raducanu has made since the US Open.

There have been accusations that she is spending more time off the court than on it but she, and her agent Max Eisenbud from IMG, makes sure it does not impact her tennis.

Raducanu spends no more than 18 days on shoots and had even turned down more offers.


Raducanu only does 18 days worth of shoots per year


Raducanu’s net worth is said to be around £10m

“We could have done 50 days of shoots,” Eisenbud told The BBC’s Sports Desk podcast.

“I’ve never seen the amount of excitement and companies that wanted to be in business with Emma after the US Open.

“So we did this exercise through the entire year and we figured out that there was probably 18 days a year that she can give to sponsors that won’t affect her tennis training or her tournament schedule.

“Never a week or so before a tournament, never in a tournament week and never right after the tournament. I understand how people who don’t understand that philosophy could think that it is distracting her, but I think when you see how it’s laid out, it really is not the case.


Raducanu’s on court progress has been hampered by injury

“Emma decided that she wants to start her shoots at 12pm or 1pm and go until 8pm or 9pm and have the option in the morning to either train or work out or do some fitness.

“Not all the days have been used of the 18. There are sponsors that have those days, but many of them don’t use them.

“I would imagine by the end of the year the amount of days she uses will be around 13.

“But when the 19th day comes, and it’s millions of dollars and you have got to say ‘no’ because you’re being true to the 18 days – it’s tough.”

On the court, it has been a tough time for Raducanu since winning the US Open.


Raducanu will miss this summer’s tournaments after having three surgeries

Injuries continue to hamper her development and she lost in the first round back at Flushing Meadow in 2022.

Her 2023 season has effectively been ended due to the decision to have surgery on both of her wrists and ankle.

The Brit favourite will not be at The French Open or Wimbledon, but it is hoped the recovery will fix the longstanding issues and allow her to come back stronger in 2024.

Her ranking has slipped to 106 in the world and will drop even further by the time she gets back on the court.

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