Analyzing top coaching contracts, disastrous deals ahead of 2023 season

Analyzing college football’s top coaching contracts and disastrous deals is a job often reserved for athletic directors and university decision-makers assessing every offseason. Momentum and forward progress means everything when determining extensions or moving into wait-and-see mode when buyouts loom.

Not all contracts within Power Five coaching ranks are created equal and some are quite exorbitant. One important factor in the recent influx of extensions is the impact agents make on behalf of their clients and the sense of dread athletic departments tend to have when the lure of bigger programs entice promising coaches when the carousel begins to move every December.

Coaching salaries have never been more lucrative in college football and as revenue numbers within major conferences continue to increase in the realignment and Playoff expansion era, wallets will fatten as a result.

Way-too-early college football bowl projections ahead of the 2023 season

Using USA Today’s coaches salary database as a guide, with slight revisions for recent contract extensions, here’s a look at the nation’s best and and worst contracts entering the 2023 campaign:

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